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A Bit About Me

Hi, I’m Beth. I’m a Registered Associate Nutritionist with the AFN (Association for Nutrition). I have an MSc in Nutrition and Behaviour and a BSc in Psychology. This blog was created by myself in order to try and educate and help those with nutrition and plant-based eating. Hope you enjoy my posts!

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Should vegans eat completely sustainable?

After watching an interview with Piers Morgan and a Vegan activist, I wanted to share my thoughts on whether I feel vegans/ people that try and be more sustainable should be shamed for not doing everything, or they should be praised for doing what they can!

Pulses are good for the pulse

There is evidence to suggest that pulses can have protective effects on heart health. Have a read of this blog to find out how increasing your pulse consumption may improve your heart.

How to not get stuck in a vegetarian cycle

Getting variety in your diet is so important for your health. It isn’t easy to achieve variety when on a plant-based diet so here are my tips that make having a variety of foods that little bit easier!

I’m plant-based do I need a supplement?

Plant-based diets can be harder to achieve all the nutrients that people need. In some instances, this may mean someone that follows a plant-based diet may opt to take supplements to ensure they stay healthy! This blog explains how you may use supplements when eating plant-based.

Why am I not vegan?

I often get asked why I am not a vegan or would I ever consider it. This post shares my thoughts towards my personal feelings about vegan, and how it would fit in my lifestyle!

Why calories on menus can be harmful

There has been a lot of talk about calorie labels on menus since the policy was introduced earlier in the week. Have a read of this post to hear how this can have a very negative affect on people.

Are packaged veggie foods healthy?

Many perceive premade veggies foods like Linda MCartney to be packed with salt, sugar and fat, and while it’s definitely true that having a can of lentils would be less salt generally. It isn’t quite as simple as that. Read this blog to find out more.

Are Oysters and Mussels Vegan?

There is a big debate amongst vegans and animal rights activists on whether or not oysters and other similar species are vegan. Check out this post to find out why.

The Pressures of Instagram

It can be really easy to feel the pressure to keep posting on a professional social media, especially if you rely on that social media platform for business. I thought i’d share my experience of posting pressure and how I overcame it.

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