How to be vegan

A vegan diet is when a person does not consume any animal products which are produced by animals or the animal itself. This means that vegans do not eat eggs, fish, meat, honey or dairy products. With many people taking part in Veganuary I thought it was important to do a blog post on allContinue reading “How to be vegan”

All I want for Christmas is… food!

Christmas is the perfect time to get cooking and baking, especially this year when we can’t do much else than be in our own home! I personally love making Christmas treats so I thought I’d share some that I have made. These recipes vary from sweet to savoury and some are healthier than others, butContinue reading “All I want for Christmas is… food!”

Why you might not be absorbing iron

I only became aware that certain food and drinks aid or block absorption of nutrients, when I started my nutrition masters. I thought if I didn’t know, then other people might not, so I thought it was important to write a blog post about it. In this post I will tell you about some ofContinue reading “Why you might not be absorbing iron”

Vitamin D is the key

There are a lot of circulating articles at the moment which recommend taking vitamin D supplements, but what does all this mean and is it really necessary? Well, I am here to talk you through the research and shed some light on why we need vitamin D. What is vitamin D and why do weContinue reading “Vitamin D is the key”

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